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Equipment Financing

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BMF will work to understand your business; making sure you get the best equipment financing for your unique needs.

Why Choose BMF Small Business Equipment Financing & Leasing?

We offer small business equipment financing to secure the equipment and technology your small business needs; without using your working capital or business lines of credit.

  1. Increase sales
  2. Improve efficiency
  3. Boost your bottom line
  4. Maintain brand viability

Don’t spend a large sum of cash on an equipment purchase. First, talk with one of our veteran financial experts to explore the faster, more convenient equipment financing options available to you. Our quick loan process and digital document signing makes it easy to apply.

What’s in it for Small Business Owners?

  • Maintain cash flow:

    Secure the equipment you need, without compromising the cash you need, to run your small business.

  • Make payments you can manage:

    Immediately realize revenue from use of your new equipment, and eliminate the stress of recouping a major expenditure.

  • Meet client expectations:

    Equipment leasing allows your business to always have the latest equipment and technology. At the end of the term, you can simply return and upgrade to the newest model, rather than being stuck with something outdated.

  • Protect your personal credit:

    All of our equipment financing options are based on flexible factors entirely related to your business.