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Your Small Business: Unique.
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Don’t miss opportunities waiting for a one-size-fits-none style of business financing. BMF provides fast, easy loans for small businesses, without the traditional red tape, mountains of paperwork, and long wait times of a bank loan. Benefit from a hassle-free revolving line of credit, with no collateral.

It’s Easy to Apply | And Fast

Piles of paperwork are old news. BMF offers financing at the speed of today’s small businesses.

Business Loan & Capital Requires ONLY:

A few bank statements
Your most recent taxes
A one-page application

Banks and Traditional Lenders Require:

Personal Asset Guaranty
Audited financials
Personal financial information
Profit/loss statements
Balance sheets
And so much more

Wasting time, money, and resources you can’t spare!
Our approval process is complete within 24 hours. Upon approval you can count on a transparent, intuitive offer with a payment structure tailored to what your business can afford.