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Transportation Factoring

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Premium Transportation Factoring Since 1969

Running a trucking company doesn’t have to be complicated. When you work with Riviera, we’ll help you take care of the details, paperwork and cash flow, so you take charge of running your business.

Transportation Factoring

It’s never been easier for truckers to get cash! We purchase your freight bills and advance you the cash within 24 hours, so you don’t wait to get paid. Riviera has been helping truckers with their cash flow needs since 1969 and we’re here to help you too!

  • Immediate Cash – Up to 95% Cash for Your Freight Bills Within 24 Hours
  • Quick Credit Checks – Receive Credit Checks on Your Customers
  • Low Risk – Competitive Rates and No Hidden Fees
  • Financial Freedom – No Debt is Created
  • Bad Debt Protection – Credit Guarantees on the Invoices We Factor

Benefits of Working with Riviera Finance

When you work with Riviera, not only will you get up to 95% cash for your freight bills immediately, you’ll also get: credit checks on your customers, processing of your freight bills, complete collection services, and customized management reports. And you’ll receive professional service from a dedicated account team at one of our fully staffed business offices. Visit our Locations page to find the Riviera office closest to you.

In addition to the list of reasons to work with Riviera, you select which freight bills to finance, so you’re always in complete control of your cash flow. Riviera’s rates are competitive and there are NO hidden fees. You’ll rest easier when you factor your freight bills, and Riviera takes on the risk:

  • Grant credit to new customers while we take the credit risk
  • Haul more loads and increase your revenue
  • Pay suppliers on time
  • Make payroll with no problem
  • Never worry about getting paid!

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